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Disney Ludo Mickey and Friends

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The first person to move all 4 playing tokens into the home triangle wins.

Game Rules:

* Place all of your playing tokens onto the corresponding color pocket.

* Decide who goes first by rolling the dice (The highest goes first).

* To start moving a token across the board, each player must roll a 6 on their turn.

* After you roll a 6 and get a token onto the board, roll a second time to determine how many spaces that token may move.

* Place another token on the board if you roll another 6.

* You can capture an opponent’s token any time you land on the same space one of their tokens is on.

* A block forms when 1 or more tokens of the same color are on the same space.

* To win you have to move all your tokens to reach the home space.

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AGE 6 TO 99

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