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EGYTOPOLY *Cylinder Pack

490.00 EGP
  • Brand : EGYTOPOLY
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About: A competition between players to try to accumulate wealth according to certain rules by buying and selling real estate and renting them as players move on the board according to the result of throwing dice. The Board and the cards are in both languages English and Arabic.

Objective: To be the player with the greatest wealth at the end of the game, If you become the player with the highest amount of money you will be the winner!

Contents: Playing Board, 6 Metal playing tokens, 28 Title deed, 32 Houses and 12 Hotels, Money, Two dice, 16 Egypt Post Cards and 16 Social Funs Cards

*Plastic Cylinder Pack easy to carry and store
*Playing board 50x40CM water resistance
* laying cards water resistance

Height 40 CM
Width 12 CM
Depth 12 CM
AGE 8 TO 70

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